Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches


I have really been enjoying these gluten-free chocolate chip cookies. Honestly they turn out better than any regular chocolate chip cookie I've made in the past. We keep the dough already formed into balls in the freezer so that we can crank out warm chocolatey goodness at a moments notice. My toddler loves them too.
It's been getting hot around here as the weather turns warmer and my mind turns to all the delicious summer treats I could make this year. Last summer we had a big party when my daughter turned two, and with all the different food allergies and sensitivities in my family the idea of a birthday cake that would keep everyone happy was absolutely daunting. I got so dizzy by the idea of a gluten, dairy, sugar-free cake that I gave up on the idea of cake altogether. Instead we had and ice cream bar, everyone loves ice cream after all, and everyone can choose their own flavor or type. We had coconut milk ice cream, sugar free ice cream, and traditional ice cream too, along with an array of different topping so guests could personalize their creations to their hearts content. Everyone loved it, and no one was asking "where's the cake?"

This year I am considering adding these adorable ice cream treats to our new birthday tradition for those like me who need to eat gluten-free.

baked gluten free chocolate chip cookies (2 for each sandwich you want to make)
ice cream of your choice
sprinkles for topping

Once the cookies are baked, let them cool and put them on a plate in the freezer. Once they are very chilled spoon about 3 Tbsp of ice cream onto the bottom of a cookie and squeeze together with another cookie. Easy! Now, roll the edge in a plate of sprinkles. Then return treats to the freezer to harden completely. Leave them in the freezer until you plan to enjoy them, which will probably only be a few minutes.

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