Thursday, March 22, 2012

Red Pepper and Sun Dried Tomato Hummus

gluten and dairy free

A crowd pleasing snack you can mix up with just a few minutes in the food processor. You can add all sorts of different flavors to a basic hummus recipe, and lately I have really enjoyed the combination of roasted red peppers and sun dried tomatoes.

2 15oz cans of garbanzo beans (chick peas)
3 cloves of garlic
1/2 lemon juiced
2 tsp salt
1/3 cup roasted red pepper diced
1/4 cup drained sun dried tomatoes
1/4 cup tahini (ground sesame seeds)
1 tsp cumin
1/2 tsp pepper
1/4 cup olive oil

Drain and rinse the beans. Add them to a food processor. Add the garlic and lemon juice. Pulse to break up the beans. Add remaining ingredients except for the olive oil. Pulse until all ingredients are incorporated. Slowly drizzle in the olive oil while the food processor is running until the hummus is a thick and creamy texture. Enjoy with dip-able gluten free snacks such as tortilla chips, carrot and celery sticks.

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