Wednesday, March 28, 2012

ICE cream!

All I wanted was some ice...

  We visit my mom frequently during the week, and my ice coffee addiction means that I am always making ice coffee at her house. I love ice in all of my drinks, and honestly, it has become a mandatory necessity in all my drinks. The thought of plain tepid tap water with no ice makes me cringe.

  The problem with my moms refrigerator is that it is constantly running out of ice.  So the other day when I smushed my glass into the door dispenser and no ice appeared I wasn't surprised. "Oh no" I thought, "Now I am going to have to drink regular warm coffee like everyone else". I was starting to feel desperate, little beads of perspiration where forming on my forehead at the thought of drinking a warm beverage, so I decided to take drastic measures. I opened the freezer door to fish around in the ice maker drawer for what might be the last few stray cubes in the hopes that it would be just enough for my one glass of ice coffee.

  Just last Sunday we had all gotten together for our big family dinner. It's what we do on Sundays. We go to church and then seven of us meet at my mother's house for a big lunch/dinner in the afternoon followed by a gluten-free diary-free dessert. That particular Sunday we were enjoying Golden Garbanzo Goodies. It has become a real favorite in our family - everyone loves it, even my father who is the pickiest of eaters. Someone in the group had the bright idea to top these delicious wonders with ice cream. I mean....isn't everything better with ice cream on top? Of course.

  The men in the family usually devour these garbanzo treats right out of the oven. I remove the dessert from a piping hot oven, carefully set the pan on a trivet on the center island, turn around to close the oven door....and there they go, the pan is empty.  Somehow on this particular day we managed to hold the hungry swarm off just long enough to let the pan cool down, slice them into cute squares, and attempt to top them with ice cream. Sadly our tiny pint of ice cream didn't stretch very far, and there were still a few plates left un-topped. "Surely" my dad said "there is more ice cream, I bought 2 containers!" My brother looked through the freezer, but found nothing (as usual for a teenager). Apparently we were all starving on a desert island because panic ensued. Everyone had to take their turn looking through the freezer, because surely it must be there. No one could find the missing ice cream and we eventually determined that my dad was delusional and never bought "2 containers!" to begin with.

  We stretched the ice cream so that everyone got a little bit, and we happily ate our snack and moved on with our day.

  Fast forward several days to the lack of ice incident. "How long has your ice maker been like this?" I asked my mom. "Oh, a couple days" she responded, thinking nothing of it. As I fished around in the drawer for what I hoped would save my dream of the perfect creamy glass of ice coffee, I found the culprit. 

  I laughed out loud when I removed the whole ice drawer to find what had been clogging up the works.
It was the missing 2nd container of ice cream that we had gotten all worked up about the past weekend. My dad was right, he did in fact buy a second container. My brother was right, I could see why he was unable to find the missing ice cream. And I was correct that this ice maker was definitely not working!
  After laughing for a few minutes. My mother and I thought about how we might get this wedged container out of its predicament. We tried turning the gear...nothing.... tried to push it loose...nothing. "Well" I said, "Let's just get two spoons and eat this thing free!" This didn't seem like a logical possibility considering it was 10am. 
  Eventually the smashed ice cream thawed a bit and we wiggled it free. We had a good laugh about it. Subsequently I did find a few stray ice cubes in the drawer, and I made a delicious tall glass of ice coffee and the day was saved.

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